Fuel for chainsaw and strimmer

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willyboy | 00:29 Tue 09th Feb 2010 | Home & Garden
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I have a bulk standard petrol chainsaw and strimmer and normally buy the pre-mixed fuel.
Summer will be acoming (well not yet anyway) and depending upon usage, this can start to work out really expensive so thought l'd make my own up.
What fuel rating should l use, what oil rating should l use, and what's the mix ratio?


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Typical "two stroke" mixed oil-fuel, at least here in the U.S. is 50 to 1. However, you can usually go to the website for each manufacturer and find their recommendations if you've lost the owner's handbook... Personally, I'd reduce the ratio to 40:1 for the smaller weed eater (your strimmer). The 50:1 is 2.5 ounces good quality two-stroke oil per1 U.S. gallon of fuel... (Don't forget the bar oil for the chain lubricant on the saw...)
Screwfix sell a container for mixing 2 stroke fuel. You put in 1 litre of petrol and then add 2 stroke oil until the level reaches the markings on the side of the bottle. There are different marks for each mix ratio, but as Clanad says you will need to check the hand book for the correct ratio for your machine.
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Thanks for that you two.
I'll check their sites out as suggested but that mixer bottle sounds great. Troulble is, here in rural France they're so far behing techno wise, that their nearest invention to the mixer bottle is called a bucket! (ha ha)
BTW, what rating unleaded fuel do l use (the highest one?)
Thanks again.
Hi willyboy
I'm in France too. Hubby uses a 5% 2 stroke oil and 95 unleaded petrol (this is what is recommended in the manual). Put oil in first. He uses just plain old 2L spring water bottles. Make sure you shake the bottle before using.
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I always use a stronger oil/petrol mix than 1:50. With a new machine even 1:25.
Make sure the can is clearly marked so there's no chance of using neat petrol by mistake esp if you're using four stroke machine like a mower as well.
With the chain saw make sure the chain oil is kept topped up, it's surprising how much is used!

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Fuel for chainsaw and strimmer

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