Ceramic sink dos and don'ts

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brokly | 18:29 Tue 28th Dec 2004 | Home & Garden
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I am about to get a new ceramic sink and draining board as part of a fitted kitchen. Do I need to treat this any differently from a stainless steel sink? How should I clean it? Can I stand hot pans from the cooker on the draining area as I do with the stainless steel one? Any other dos and don'ts? Thanks


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If yours is a true ceramic sink, i.e., ceramic over cast iron, about the only thing you will need to be cautious of is chipping the ceramic.  Obviously avoid dropping heavy pans or other objects on it.  Once the ceramic is chipped or cracked, the underlying cast iron rusts rather quickly. The ceramic is quite impervious to almost all chemicals and abrasives.  You can clean it with any good cleaner.  We've used a product here in the US for a number of years brand named Bartenders Friend... Enjoy your new kitchen!
Hi Brokly,

With no disrespect to Clanad, the product is Bar Keepers Friend and it is oxalic acid and will take the oil out of your hands so use gloves. I have a small cleaning business and would recommend that you DO NOT use any abrasive on your ceramic sink. The abrasives will scratch the ceramic over time and it will be very difficult to remove stains. I use Tilex Mildew Remover to remove stains and a mild soap to clean the surface. Rinse well.

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Ceramic sink dos and don'ts

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