Poorly combi boiler

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wolf63 | 20:32 Thu 06th Aug 2009 | Home & Garden
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My central heating boiler is about 15 years old and British Gas advise that it may be near the end of its life.

Can anybody tell me approx how much it would be to have a new combi boiler installed in the same place. British Gas have quoted a huge amount and have said that I will also need scaffolding put up outside the building as I am on the second floor - something to do with the flue.

How long would it take to install the new combi boiler? Being female I would guess about an hour - but I could be wrong. If it is over half a day the kitties will have to go to the Kittie hotel to get them out from underfoot.

The current boiler is having problems with dust causing pilot light problems - it was only fixed a few weeks back and is playing up again. Is this due to old age?

Any help will be appreciated. I think that the kitties would leave home if there was no central heating available this winter!



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My daughter was paying quite a large monthly payment to BG for one service per year on an ordinary central heating boiler. They told her that they could not repair it if it failed as they couldn't get the parts. They also kept wanting to quote for a new combi boiler. (�3000 ??)
I have a good, reliable Corgi-registered plumber and sent him round to see her. He said that he could get the parts if necessary and could also supply and install a new combi for a lot less than BG. This plumber wouldn't recommend having a combi boiler and his yearly service costs a lot less than the monthly instalments to BG.

I would suggest that you get a second opinion from a reliable Corgi-registered plumber.
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I know you are right - I also have the BG service contract.

I will bite the bullet and contact one of the local plumbers next week - there are a few good and reliable ones around.

It is going to be a lot of money and I could be squandering that money on myself instead of getting a new boiler.
Maybe the pilot light isn't set right??
I wouldn't have thought that a bit of dust would affect it apart from making the flame go whitish??
I'd get a decent heating man to check it out if it were mine.

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Poorly combi boiler

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