E cloths and using anti bac sprays in the home???

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fleebee | 10:46 Thu 16th Jul 2009 | Home & Garden
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I have an ongoing discussion with a friend who thinks that using e-cloths around the home is sufficient and using just those and water - no disinfectant in the kitchen, in the bath/sink etc I think that is wrong and that a dettol type spray is needed to kill off bugs & germs etc Any thoughts on this


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better to learn to live with bugs and germs, then you'll be less vulnerable when you meet one. My mum never used disinfectants and I hardly ever do. Water is pretty good at cleaning stuff.
I've only ever used them if something really needs disinfecting and no one in my familly ever seems to have sufferred for it.

BTW - and I don't think you'll like this

Humans are really living colonies of bacteria - your body contains more bacteria cells than animal ones only a very few are ever dangerous to us.

Trying to kill off "all the germs" is like trying to sweep the beach clear of sand.

Even if you could sterrilise your kitchen more would waft in 5 minutes after you'd finished.

This planet "belongs" to the bacteria
My mother always said you have to eat a bucket of muck before you die as she wiped the sweet I had dropped on her pinny and gave it back to me whilst spitting on her hanky and scrubbing my face .
Nothing wrong with that really . We lived without the benefit of all this stuff for years .I have reached the age of 61 without being dependant on antibacterial this and that .I rarely have a cold and I think that that if you apply basic hygiene,keeping the loo clean ,sinks etc and washing your hands you will survive .You can't live in a bubble .
You can have the most spotless home and then pick up something just by getting on a bus .
hot soapy water - cant beat it!
Also much more enviro friendly than bleaches...
Unless of course you eat your dinner off the toilet seat in which case I would choose to use bleach first!!!
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E cloths and using anti bac sprays in the home???

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