Double glazed door with openable window?

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Rodge2 | 16:08 Wed 15th Jul 2009 | Home & Garden
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Is it possible to obtain a double glazed door with a window in it, where the window opens - ie. tilts inward at the top or outwards at the bottom? I am sure I have seen this on someone's back door, but can't find any trace of it on glazing companies' websites. Thank you.


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Ask a double glaze company directly, when we had ours put in they 'made - up' to our spec a couple of windows, so I see no reason why they can't do that with a door.
I agree, but I would think very carefully before you decide to do it.
Reasons why it may not be the brightest of ideas include:
1) what happens when the door opens with the window open - is there enough clearance
2) security considerations
3) if the door slams in a wind, the window is much more likely to be subject to forces that may break the DGU glass panel.
My parents have one of those, fitted by Anglian if I remember correctly. It wasn't in any brochure, but it's what they wanted so the company made it for them. The window either tilts in at the top, or opens from left to right like a door within a door.
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Thanks very much. The information and points you have made have been very helpful.

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Double glazed door with openable window?

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