Relocating to live in Birmingham

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vic446 | 00:04 Wed 15th Jul 2009 | Home & Garden
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I am moving to study at the city centre campus, Aston Green, Birmingham in September this year. As im moving from Northern Ireland i am looking for advice on nice places to rent a one bed apartment in the city centre with a budget of around �500 pm. I see a lot of places in the jewellery quarter that look nice but ive heard a lot of horror stories about other locations which is freaking me out a little. Walking distance to the city centre that would be a plus although im open to suggestions if this is a good idea or wheather travelling in and out would be better? Also any general info on the city as a whole would be useful from a local point of view. I am flying over next week to get a feel for the city however a quick run down would be fab before that. Cheers!


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Relocating to live in Birmingham

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