Help! Conservatory issues, new house

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lunaraine | 03:04 Sat 04th Jul 2009 | Home & Garden
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We are due to exchange contracts on our first house. However, there are no building regs for the conservatory. The sellers have an indemnity policy ready to go - I dont trust the wording, but that's something else.

There is no internal door to the conservatory. They removed the kitchen/back door and finished all the edges, so not even a frame. Neither is there a door from the kitchen to the rest of the house. How serious is this? Potentially, What could the council make us do? It was built 2005 and the company has gone bust.



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I hope you are getting this house at a really knock down price as having those doors missing is going to be a real I'd walk away!
I have answered your question at the other place where you posted it (Business).
if you are happy with the house its really not the end of the world, maybe get them to reduce the price by the amount required to replace the door(s).
Your house wont be condemned because of a missing door and you might even leave it as it is. (just a point, how are the council going to find out ??, it hasnt been noted in the last 4yrs)
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Thanks for all your answers.

The council are highly unlikely to notice. The insurance the sellers have to take out covers us getting 'busted' through no fault of our own. If, however, we want to get a loft conversion or a wind turbine fitted (anything requiring planning) and they pick up on the issues, we will not be covered.

The price has already dropped 75k in two years! There have been 4 sales fall through at the last minute. I wonder why...

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Help! Conservatory issues, new house

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