CH quote from Gas Board

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terambulan | 21:22 Wed 08th Apr 2009 | Home & Garden
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�5k for 3r, kitchen & bath maisonette - is that about right?


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wots your quote knobs
British Gas or whichever gas board you are with will always charge loads more than a plumber or heating engineer you can get from the Yellow Pages.

Don't you know anybody that has had any work done recently who can recommend someone?

I`ve always bought my CH from this firm, find out what you need and then get a qualified plumber to give you a quote for installing it, it`ll be alot less than �5k
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Update.....Polish plumbers quote �1200!
british gas are very expensive but they will do a top quality job, it will be a high end boiler and they do the work very quickly and neatly, they also have the facility to offer credit that smaller firms do not.

on the other hand, if you go to an independent installer then as a rough guide you could have a system installed with a bottom of the range boiler for around �2500 and with a decent boiler around �3000

i would avoid polish plumbers and i would also avoid mrcentralheating
I've always paid around �3,500 for a good job, with a guarantee, local plumbing company which is Corgi registered, I've had heating installed in 3 properties. (Scotland)
�2500 - �3000 is the going rate. Typicaly most of us are Ex British Gas and will give you the same quality boiler, radiators and workmanship for at least �1000 less.
I've always chosen a Worcester boiler, so I guess thats why mine is more expensive, great boilers and great aftersales with Worcester Bosch.
until recently british gas were installing worester boilers but badged with british gas, this year i think they have switched over to the new baxi range.

i was watching bg install a system at a neighbours house last week and they had 6 vans outside, thats how they get it done so quick.
gasman, nice to see you back, where have you been ??

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CH quote from Gas Board

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