cleaning very grimy oven

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radiogaga | 15:38 Mon 23rd Mar 2009 | Home & Garden
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who can help me with this one? our oven is coated in grime (top and walls) managed to remove grime at bottom.
any cleaning product i use just drips from the top to the bottom.
any tips most appriciated


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Best products on the market are 'ovenmate'.
you can get them from lakeland shops, and eesi clean catalogues.
Hi Radiogaga...

I use OvenU...

The oven looked cleaner than when I bought it!!! they did the fans, the trays... the lot!!! :D
I use carbon remover from Betterware - paint it on and leave it usually over night wipe over in the morning - shiny clean
I use OVENPRIDE u can buy it from the supermarket about �4.00 in a tall orange box. Its a large thick plastic bag and u put all the shelves etc in the bag with the contents of the bottle and I usually leave it overnight just turning the bag every now and again so the liquid covers everything and the remainder of the liquid use to clean the bottom of the oven...its so easy..
Oven Pride every time. It is very easy, thick enough to cling and brilliant on the removable shelves and fittings. Just be careful and wear your marigolds - it is very strong! Elly.
Ovenmate is very good. Old fashioned but effective method is to make a paste of bicarbonate of soda and spread that over and leave for a while before wiping off. If you do use a proprietary brand to clean the oven, wipe it over with a thin paste of bicarb after cleaning and any grease will just wipe off with a damp cloth.
I'm a pensioner and would like to use 'Oven'U' as I find I can't get down there to clean the oven because of my arthritis. Can you tell me roughly how much they charge.
Hi Phylkat,

I pay �50. It takes about 2 hours. I also don't have the energy or health to be cleaning ovens any more.

Our man is called Lee and he's so polite!!! he always says he's seen worse lol.... we use them twice a year.... I cook a lot of roasts and the cooking fat and spit roast fat that accumulates around the fans is a lot! it's always nice to see the fans back to stainless steel :) all the pans and shelves sparkling... the grill and top tray clean again!!! and I just sit back and watch some one else sweat :D (I do make him a cuppa though!!!)

They've got a free phone number Phylkat, so maybe worth an enquiry?


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hello everyone, thanks for taking thetime to reply.
i got my marigolds on and a brillo pad and scrubbed.
that seemes to do the trick for the time being. although i shall be using the oven clean company who are heven sent. thanks again. radio.

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cleaning very grimy oven

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