can you recommend an energy saving kettle

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manutdstott | 11:00 Thu 05th Mar 2009 | Home & Garden
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as is our house the kettle is all the time, ans they do use a lot of energy, im all for saving energey and trying to cut my bills down as i am on a card meter, there are lots of so called energy saving kettles like ones that take 3 seconds to boil and ones that are meant to stay hot enough for a brew for hours.
so my question is can anyone by their own experience highly recommend an energy saving kettle many thanks


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the ones that are meant to heat a cup of water in 3 seconds (more like 7/8 actually) are the best bet.

Simple reason is the amount of energy required to heat, say, 500ml of water to boiling point is going to be identical no mater what kettle you use. the only real way of saving energy is to only heat what you need and no more!

(BTW those 3sec kettles are very noisy, and don't quite get the water to boiling point, which some don't like for making tea or coffee!)
It depends on what you want. The one you mentioned does not boil in 3 seconds, it produces very hot water (almost boiling) in 3 seconds. If you like a decent cuppa , it's no good.

If you want to save energy only heat or boil the water you need, not a full kettle full as most do.
Sorry CF for duplicating some of your posting. Didn't read it properly.

(Have to give up the afternoon tipple)
When you boil the water use large thermos flasks to keep the water hot for a few hours - eh voila !
I use the thermos method when camping weeal.

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can you recommend an energy saving kettle

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