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Ethel | 18:24 Fri 30th Jan 2009 | Home & Garden
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This has been posted today on the tread I started last year and I'm sure you won't see it there:

Do you have a knitting pattern for the dickey you offered to knit? I've been searching for one for ages and ages.....Would appreciate your help in finding a pattern number or a copy of yours.
Thank you.

Posted by LaDiva today


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Hello Ethel
Sorry to keep you waiting .Have not been well.
The only patterns I have are from an old book called Odds and Ends published by Sirdar .Number 234.
Also Patons PBN C 4848 in DK and 4Ply (which I got from Ebay )and Sirdar Country Style 4ply Number 5983 which I bought years ago .
There is this one on the web .You can just click on it to enlarge and print it off. ic1-1.jpg
You do sometimes come across these patterns on Ebay .
Otherwise I can only offer to photocopy mine and perhaps if they Email me with an address I can post them copies .
Shaney .
Question Author
Sorry to hear you've been unwell, and I do hope you are on the mend now.

I hope LaDiva sees this, as she is the one who wants the pattern. :)
Me again Ethel
I have had a rake round Ebay and have found the pattern that I have .I hope LaDiva spots this as it's still got a couple of days to go. scarfs-new-pattern-4848_W0QQitemZ260342355508Q QcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_Crafts_Knitting_Crochet_E H?hash=item260342355508&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_ trkparms=72%3A1688%7C66%3A2%7C65%3A12%7C39%3A1 %7C240%3A1318

Thanks for your kind words Ethel .Onwards and upwards :))

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