Adding a thermostat to programmer

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Brum Lady | 18:10 Mon 26th Jan 2009 | Home & Garden
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We have a Honeywell ST6400C programmer which controls the central heating and hot water. We have a new condensing boiler and still have the hot water tanks. Apparently we are classed as high users of gas/electricity, and somebody pointed out that we have no room thermostat, just thermostatic radiator valves. I have tried contacting Honeywell to ask if we would be able to connect a separate thermostat to our existing programmer, but have received no response.

Anybody got any ideas? Thanks.


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when your new boiler was installed your installer should have upgraded your hot water cylinder to a high heat recovery coil version (unless you already have one), fitted a cylinder thermostat, a room thermostat, along with your exisiting programmer and thermostatic radiator valves your system would then comply with the latest energy efficency regulations (law)ensuring full boiler interlocking.

Electiricans aren't always the greatest at wiring central heating systems to be honest as they are a specialist area, can be very complicated, you often find heating engineers are a better bet.

I'm not too hot on wiring but my father has 50 yrs of experience as a gas engineer including 35 yrs with british gas, you will find us in the Birmingham South West Yellow Pages under West Heath Gas, i think out ad is in the Gas Engineer section and also the Heating Engineer or Central Heating section. We cover the south of the city from Halesowen to Edgbaston, kings norton, kings heath, mosely etc but dont work north of the city centre.

if you ring ask for Phil Armstrong but dont mention this website cos dad wont have a clue what your talking about.
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Thanks for the answers.

That's a shame Gucci - we live in Sutton Coldfield! Do you think it would be worth me asking your Dad for information anyway?

Brum Lady
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no offence meant knobbsworth, is just that from experience most electricians do not understand heating wiring such as y plans, s plans etc unless they have installed a few. and the chances of having the wiring diagram is very remote when you consider that most of these systems were put in many years ago as combi boilers have superceded them. also because you didn't need to be a qualified electrician to install the wiring in those days the gas fitters / plumbers would do it themselves and some of the systems we come across are a right mess, wires and junction boxes everywhere.
what i probably should have said is that electricians could wire a brand new system with all the wiring diagrams but if your going into a house where theres a fault somewhere and the system was put in years ago with compnents and wires hidden all over the place then a good heating engineer is a better bet than an electrician who has never worked on such a system before.
and i wouldn't bother ringing dad brum lady cos hes a bit of a victor meldrew and gets really grumpy when people try to tap him for free advice !

your best bet is to have a look in the yellow pages and ring round a few gas engineers/heating installers for a price on wiring a room stat and possibly a cylinder stat too.

the stats themselves are dirt cheap, about �20 a piece.

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Adding a thermostat to programmer

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