Cost of running a tumble drier per hour

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TAFFWILLIAMS | 12:46 Sun 11th Jan 2009 | Home & Garden
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What is the approximate cost of using an electric tumble drier for 1 hour?


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just look on the back see how many kilowatts it uses....................then look at your electricity bill to see how much you pay for 1 kilowatt per hour......................just simple maths then :o)
You need to know how much electricity it uses, in Watts (W) or kilowatts (1000W or kW) , This is shown on a label/plate on the unit (by law). Multiply this by your unit cost (UK average is around 12p per Kilowatt, per hour or kWh) thus;

500W = 6p per hour
1kW = 12p per hour
2kW = 24p per hour
3kW = 36p per hour.

It won't be higher than 3kW as that is the most you can connect to a standard 13A socket.
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Cost of running a tumble drier per hour

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