ILLEGAL having GUESTS overnight in RENTED FLAT?

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albertop9 | 00:43 Wed 06th Oct 2004 | Home & Garden
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My landlord insists that it's illegal in the UK having guests overnight in a rented accomodation, since the compulsory insurance for the place (a flat shared with two others, in my case) would not cover other people than the tenants. Is that correct?? Thanks in advance for any help!


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Absolute rubbish. The only thing that the insurance may not cover is if something gets stolen (contents insurance). Why would buildings insurance be any different? He may write into the tennancy agreeement that you are not allowed to have visitors overnight, but that is a seperate issue
I agree Oneeyedvic. Insurance policies only cover the building and/or the contents. If the tenancy agreement states no overnight guest then you'll have to go along with it, so check it out. Is this a student let? There maybe clauses in the agreement to prevent damage, parties etc. If there is nothing in the agreement, you could ask at the Citizens Advice Bureau where you stand. On the other hand, how will your landlord know if you have someone to stay, unless of course he/she lives in the flat as well, or has free access to the property?? The only other suggestion (although I realise that it may not be possible) is to change you accomodation. Good luck
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Thanks Oneeyedvic! That's what I always thought, but as they kept insisting... And no, no mention to such nonsense in the agreement.
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And thanks a lot to you too, lindy loo. My current flatmates are students, but my former ones and myself are not. And there are clauses in the agreement to prevent damage, but no mention to guests/visitors whatsoever. The landlord doesn't live in the flat nor has free access. I just told him I'd have my parents/friends visiting for a few days sometime and he came out with that! It'll be fine... Cheers!
I wonder if perhaps the restriction is in fact on sub-letting, rather than short-term visitors? I'd have thought this might easily be something an insurance company would want to limit. If your landlord still insists, ask to see a copy of the insurance conditions -- or contact his insurance company direct. He can hardly object to this, if he's properly insured. I assume you have your own contents insurance...?
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Thanks for your advice New Forester. Sub-letting is definitely not allowed, but that's not the case anyway... I have no insurance of any kind, myself. I just keep my fingers crossed until I can afford them!
i can't quite remember but I think your landlord must allow you and your invited guest to enjoy and make use of the property without any undue interference - so just ignore him and get on with it
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That's what I was gonna do, anyways! Cheers undercovers!

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ILLEGAL having GUESTS overnight in RENTED FLAT?

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