cracked rendering on side of house causing damp

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jackieo | 10:57 Sun 26th Oct 2008 | Home & Garden
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I live end of terrace and notice that rooms with outside wall are damp when it rains...discovered cracks in the rendering on outside wall and notice a house down the road has dug out cracks on rendering and this is a big job wondered if anyone knows of any specialist companies dealing with this also if there's a special render I should use as think this is due to house movement so need a waterproof render that is flexible


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Quite a big job, involving scaffolding Jackie. Don't let any old builder just re-render'll come back again. Unless you know one who's opinion you value, ask a structural engineer to advise on the (quite simple) procedure.
Their hourly rates can be a bit frightening, but, he wouldn't be long in looking it over :o)
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Thanks for your reply..Yes I will get a structural engineer. Was checking out some companies that render and coat with a waterproof finish...Do you think this is what I may need...If so have you got any recommendedations..if engineer says I need this..Thanks again
a normal cement render would be ok but with a silicon coating, stops the water penetrating
If the cracks are to big then yes they need to be dug out a bit and re pointed then bring up to surrounding textures if the cracks are only 1mm hairline then you could just get a paint and decorator in to apply Sandtex or the like it is a rubber type emulsion that is very flexible I used Home Shield last time put on with big roller with long telescopic shaft took 2 men two days for front the back and gable end
with ladders hth Tez
......absolutely right what Prud and Tez have said.....all good stuff - but - I would rather wait and see what the engineer says first........ only because there are lots of different reasons for cracks,,,(don't worry - in your case I think you can rule out the really serious ones).
A crack might need "stitching"........... horizontal stainless steel rods placed at right angles across the crack........then rendered in.
Maybe some wire (think of wire netting - only more sophisticated) placed over the crack..... extending 300 or 400mm to each side of the crack............again, rendered in.
See what he says..............

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cracked rendering on side of house causing damp

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