Flaky paint after wallpaper stripping

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Guin | 16:19 Tue 21st Sep 2004 | Home & Garden
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I have just moved into a house Cir. 1921, the previous owners had a fetish for textured wallpaper. I have removed this now but years of flaky paint was underneath. I really don't want to wallpaper. I would appreciate any advice, as I will have a whole house to re-do.


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the probable reason for textured wallpaper is for the wsame resaons you are finding now. We had a similar age house with woodchip. Unfortunately, the best you are able to do is get a textured wallpaper again (with a pattern you like) or have the walls skimmed by a plasterer. Incidentally, the makeover shows on tv no longer take woodchip of the walls as it can hide such a multitude of sins.
It may be easier for you to get a plaster to come in & skim over the walls. I think it will take you an age to smooth them all yourself. Good luck!
Our posts crossed Oneeyedvic, in respect of getting a plasterer to skim the walls! Great minds think alike as they say!
Hi Guin heres what you do. Remove most of the paint that has started to lift off the wall with a palm sander or just some sandpaper wrapped round a bit of wood to make it flat.( go to B&Q and get the proline sander for about a tenner if you dont own one or your arms will fall off after a hour pf rubbing down LOL. Plus while at B&Q get a big tub of PVA glue and a bucket.You will need this latter!!!.) Dont use a rough grade paper a fine grade will do otherwise you will make the paint even more flaky. Next once you have done one wall pour about a 1/3 of water (Not hot water!) into the bucket and then pour in the PVA Glue so the bucket is now 2/3d's full. Get the bigest brush you can maybe a 5" or 6" one and really paint it on the walls dont be afraid of putting to much on as it wont do no harm. (by the way the mixture with the PVA and water should look like waterd milk) Leave that wall for about 10 Mins to dry have a cuppa and prepare to rub down the next one. The wall will feel "tacky" thats good it will hold back the rest of the flacky paint on the walls. and repeat till you have done all walls in the room. ( I would ony do one room at a time) Ok now mix undercoat with water and roller on then get a little bit of filler and mix that in with a differnt colour paint (so you can see what you need to rub down when filled) apply filler in any "nick's" that happend with the wallpaper scaper knife when removing the god for saken wallpaper. Good Luck Guin And let me know how you get on. Cheers Bobby P.S DONT FORGET THE RADIO IT WILL SAVE YOU FROM THE SOUL DYSTROYING TASK!!!!!!!
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Thank you everyone for replying. Bobbylove01 I am going to try your idea as a last resort before wallpapering. I'll let you know how i get on :o)

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Flaky paint after wallpaper stripping

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