Wasps eating Apples

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hoggyland | 13:58 Fri 29th Aug 2008 | Home & Garden
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Is there any tips you can give me on how to stop wasps eating the apples on my apple tree. I realize picking the apples off the tree or cutting the tree down would do the trick but the apples are not ripe!



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You could cover the tree in a shield of lead. That should stop the little bu**ers.
buy a fake wasps nest to hang in the tree.... apparantly they then think its another swarm / colony's territory.
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Thanks for your very quick replies. I like the shield of lead idea but I am concerned the apples would not get sufficient sunlight. Now as far as Mandimoo's answer is concerned I am unsure if your answer is genuine. I am going to tell my wife what you suggested and get her opinion. She has an opinion on most things!
You could buy a wasp catcher thing which would tempt them away (have seen them in the garden centres etc) and hang it from somewhere far enough away from the tree to distract them from your apples

Other than that, I would be lost too - they are becoming more and more "intelligent" these days and HATE them with a passion......Evil little b4satards :(
Get rid of the wasps.....the council will help with wasp removers
ever thought of hiring a wasp suit from the fancy dress hire shop? putting on and buzzing around the tree several times a week would get the obvious response from the wasp queen'' f*uck me,look at the size of that b*stard, tell the rest of the hive we're off!''
there is a wasp trap called waspbane that's used in theme parks which attracts the wasps but doesnt produce a swarm. It is also a non-aggressive trap, so wasps even when trapped don't release its threatening pheromone
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Hi Everyone I am delighted at the response to my question.


I do not think, in fact I am almost certain, that councils in Cornwall no longer offer that service. In fact I think you have now got to contact private Pest Control companies.

roosi and fredwalker

It would appear you both have similar ideas on how I should treat the problem. The Wastbane piece of equipment seems very interesting. Have you any idea where they can be purchased. At the moment my wife as hung a few jars containing jam and water on the branches of the tree and and they are catching quite a few wasps. Probably there are more wasps around now they have heard about the free jam.


I have left your reply to last because I must admit although you suggestion was the least practical it gave me the biggest laugh. Your idea would not work because I cannot fly

Thanks for all the suggestions

hahaha! good on ya,and i hope it goes well!
fake wasp nests are available here: apparently they work.
defo the fake wasp nest idea.... cant believe you doubted me.... me of all people! ;o) xx
build a smoky fire under the tree......that'll keep wasps off......and us smokers can have a free drag
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Hi All

Many thanks for your last replies.


I have visited the site you suggested and it looks very interesting . I will study it more fully in the next few days. I will also have to see if I can find a UK based company that also sells them.


I must apologize for not having total faith in your suggestion.


Years ago I would have built a fire like you suggested. But these days even when living in the country as I do, the lighting of fires close to nearby properties is frowned upon.

I love the smell of a good outside fire myself and thinking about it years ago they did light fires close to wasp nests allowing the smoke to destroy the wasps.

Hi there,

With regards to the waspbane wasp trap, you can get more information and purchase it from


Fred Walker
I am also having my apples destroyed, but am covering each undamaged apple with the little net drawstring bag that comes with a box of Persil detergent tablets.

So far it's working, but unfortunately I do not have enough bags to protect them all.

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Wasps eating Apples

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