washing machine leaving black marks on my laundry

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burbie | 22:00 Fri 22nd Aug 2008 | Home & Garden
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For the last few washes I seem to have black streaky marks left on my washing, Ive especially noticed it on my towels. It doesnt wash out, and I think it must be from my washing machine.
I cant think what is the cause, can anyone help me with an explanation, and what I can do about it.


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Hi burbie, I had a similar problem with my washer a few years ago, I can't remember all of the details, but I think the engineer told me that a bearing had gone somewhere inside,and the lubricant was leaking into the drum, as the machine was a few years old, and the repair costs were going to be fairly expensive, we replaced the machine, I think I'd get it checked, if it's the same problem the marks get worse and worse, and in the end everything in the wash is ruined............Hope this helps...........welsh
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Thanks for you answer. My machine is about 10ys old so maybe its time to get a new one before it marks everything.
Blimey burbie, you`ve done well, now give yourself a treat and get updated with a new one.
I've bought a Miele, a little more expensive than some washing machines, but it's guaranteed for either 15 or 20 years (can't remember which!), and they guarantee to stock the parts for 25 years as that is how long the machine should last.
It could possible be mould, which can live under the rubber seal. I had a similar problem with my machine, which was over 12 years old at the time. It improved a little when I ran the drum empty, on a boil wash with some bleach.
Bearings have had it!

Open the door, grab hold of the inner drum and move it from side to side and up and down to see if there is any play in it.

If it seems loose at all then your bearings have had it, either get repaired ASAP or get a new machine.

It's not a cheap or easy job to do and on a 10 year old machine I wouldn't recommend bothering to get a repair!
I just love that Chuck knows all bout puters AND washing machines!!! xx
I was a domestic appliance engineer for a few years in between my jobs as a computer tech :)
Yeah- i remember you mentioning that xx

Hi bath, I can turn my hand to a lot of things :)

Hope your well, long time no see
Yeah, fine ta. Will PM you on FB soon :-) xx
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Velvetee- I clean the seal regulary, so much gunk harbours in there, as well as all the tissues I forget to take out of pockets, so I dont think that is my current problem.

ChuckFickens - I did as you suggested and the drum seem to move normally - no play in it.

Spudqueen - My daughter has a Meile vacuum cleaner and it is exellent so I will look at the washing machines, depends on price. The one I have now is a Hotpoint and it has been really good, or have I just been lucky.

Thanks for all your suggestions.
I have a Miele vacuum cleaner too and it is brillant. My partner's mother always has Miele everything and both he and she believe it's the best brand going. We currently have a Hotpoint Aqualtis, that smells mouldy and we've only had it a year.

In my flat, which I now rent out, I have a very basic Indesit, which is still being used after 12 years. Touch wood!
Had the same probem with black marks on my laundry. Read on the interent it is the bearings!Machine made no rumbling noises, but I had the marks!
Contacted my landlord, who send a technitian, who confirmed -> bearings = cheaper to replace than to repair.
Landlord bought me a new washingmachine.
To my horror there was more black marks on my white laundry with the brand new machine though! Was it the dryer?
I called the dryer service and the nice lady told me to check if the drain hose from my washing machine might be inserted too far into the drain pipe. Should only be 2-3 inches. If inserted to far into the drain tube, teh hose can supposedly suck waste water back into the machine! I pulled out the hose and it was all mucky and about 6 inches into the tube. Now that I have adjusted the hose and run an empty wash cycle to clear the hose etc, the next white wash came out ex any stains - RESULT!
Just feel sorry that a probably still alright and not so old washing machine has gone to the skip. Wonder if most the black marks = bearing problem posts are facilitated by engineers who just want to sell new machines?!!?
sorry last post might have been a bit premature. back marks continue and after double checking anything coming out of washer and going into dryer - stains actually seem to generate in dryer!

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washing machine leaving black marks on my laundry

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