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Ice.Maiden | 00:12 Thu 21st Aug 2008 | Home & Garden
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How Clean is Your House, and noticed a tip for keeping rooms smelling nice, but dabbing essential oil of roses onto light bulbs - thus causing a pleasant smell when the bulb gets warm after the light being turned on. Wonder if this's work with any perfume, or would heat cause some substances to set on fire?


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I actually thought it may be a fire hazard
Any essential oil would do. Better to use Rose Geranium at �4 a bottle. It would be insane to use essential oil of Rose as it's around �80 for a 10ml bottle!
Hi icey. I used to sell lamp rings, which were made of fine china. A ring with a channel to drop a little essential oil into, such as lavender, you could put it safely on top of the bulb in a lamp, or remove the bulb, pop the ring over, replace bulb.

I always had to tell people not to add water as well as the oil when I discovered someone doing this. It is an easy and cheap way of getting a nice aroma in a room, particularly lavender from a bedside lamp. And because you are not falling asleep with a naked flame still alight, as in a burner, it's safe.
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Really??? That's what they were using! Do us licence payers end up forking out for such "luxuries" for these people then??
Think I'll see if there are any old rose petals lying around!

And yes, that's what I was thinking, jack.

Thank you guys.
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Thanks rabbity - just noticed your reply, after being on MSN for ages.
Sounds lovely! Thanks.
you can also dab some of it on cotton wool and slip it behind your radiator for the same effect. Dont put it directly on the radiator, it'll strip the paint off.
Does it work on low energy bulbs which don't really get that warm?
I sometimes spray a squirt on the lightbulb in my bedroom and it works (only one squirt though and I don't hold it really close to the bulb, about a foot away)
Although I've never tried it, I would have thought essential oils would soon burn away on light bulbs.

However, I have two dried flower arrangements in our porch, which I sprinkle with essential oils. The aroma seems to last for ages & is a nice welcoming for anyone coming in.
For those who actually watched and understood the programme, the oil was applied to the light shade - not the bulb.
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In the part of the programme where I turned to watch, woodchopper, Kim was actually dadbbing the oil onto the bulb itself, but I imagine it'd have a similar effect whatever, with the heat thrown out when the light was switched on.

Thank you all very much.
oh god dont do it Icey, :S you might have a little fireworks in the ceiling!!!!! xxxxxxx

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