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Lakitu | 19:36 Mon 18th Aug 2008 | Home & Garden
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The bulb in my bedside touch lamp popped the other day, I bought and put in a new bulb last night and now the lamp doesn't work as a touch lamp - t works but I have to unplug it to switch it off.

The last bulb was a 40 watt round bulb, this new one is a 60 watt candle, does this matter?

Any ideas?



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It might do as the electronic gadgitry might not like the 60 watt lamp or when the last lamp popped it could of blew up the gubbins that controls the touch part....
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Yeah, I guess it could be objecting to the higher watt. Thanks, DF :o)
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Ah, I tried that already, cleversod, but it didn't work. I must be losing my touch :(
I have had the same problem this last year. I could only get touch lamps from B &Q and all of them only lasted a couple of months at the most. I took them back each time and exchanged them for another one. In the end I asked for my money back. I then found some at Focus, bought one and it is still working. Fingers crossed as I say that.
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Oh! That's interesting! Well, I'll get a 40W round bulb tomorrow and if that doesn't work I'm going to take it back too. I only bought it a few months ago and the bulb that popped was te first bulb I'd used in it.

I hope it doesn't go down the same route as you though.
Hi Lakitu
Just read your post.
My touch light did the same thing last week.
It is the sensor that has gone and I did ask if it could be replaced and the shop said they thought not.
I did not keep my receipt either, so unable to return it. Only bought the two a few weeks ago.
Two new lamps on the shopping list for next week.
HI Cruella, Still take them back to shop. Where did you get it from.?
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Hiya Cru :o)

You are entitled to a refund, go back to them and tell them to get a grip of themselves LOL.

I forgot to nip to the shop for another bulb today, but it's certainly sounding like I'm going to have to buy a new lamp if that's a couple of you that's said the same thing has happened...

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