unwanted mushrooms

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Marijn | 14:07 Sat 09th Aug 2008 | Home & Garden
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Does anyone know how to remove and prevent further growth of mushrooms on a lawn where a toddler plays, and without damaging the lawn too much if possible?


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what type of mushrooms?
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There are three different types. They are on my son's friend's garden. She described them as small light-coloured capped ones, dark spindly ones and larger beige coloured capped ones.
a fungicide should work (but keep the bairns off the lawn for a while after use)
but if some of the mushrooms are from a "fairy ring" where the grass is dark green and lush, they're very difficult to get rid of. you need to dig out the effected part and re lay that part of lawn and then only if you're lucky they wont re appear!
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Thank you very much for speedy answer, I will tell her.
I don't think there are any chemicals available (to the home gardener) that would kill toadstools/mushrooms & I would be concerned about the effects of of a fungicide on children anyway.
If there aren't hundreds, & they're usually in small clusters, they can be carefully removed wearing rubber gloves or mown over using a mower with a grass box as soon as they're seen.
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Thank you very much, I'll pass the info on.
i got rid of a fairy ring by going out and rubbing the little blighters with my foot every morning

it only took two years to get rid of it
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Thank you :-)

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unwanted mushrooms

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