building regulations for outdoor electrical supply

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ccfluff | 20:37 Sun 20th Jul 2008 | Home & Garden
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Hi, can anyone tell me how i can report my neighbour to building regs. They have put an outside electrical supply to their outbuildings using only an extension lead ( the indoor type), which has been tacked to their fence. I know this is not an adequate supply, as we have done the same and had to use armoured cable, trouble is they have all sorts running off the extension lead and as our outbuuildings join, if theirs goes up in smoke, so does ours. If anyone can help i would be greatful, thanks in advance


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Contact one of the building control officers in your local authority (probably part of the planning department).
Actually it doesn't HAVE to be an armoured cable, but equally a flex won't do either.
You could try talking to Building Control (who are invariably a separate department from Development Control aka "Planning") but they probably won't want to know. Their mechanism for resolving unsafe buildings is an enforcement order, but I don't reckon they will issue one for that.
if they have it just plugged into a socket, without being hard wired in, that is not an offence, perfectly ok if it has been wired into the mains it should be checked out.
If they have used a normal 13 amp extension lead and plugged it into a local socket outlet then they can only run upto 13 amps as that's the size of the fuse in the BS 1363 plug top so there out building wouldn't go up in smoke as they can't overload the cable due to the fuse protecting it....

Find out if they have an RCD plug on it or an RCD on the ring main that's feeding the socket outlet as an extension lead has to be protected by one of these due to it being outside of the dwelling....

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building regulations for outdoor electrical supply

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