Protecting plants from cat???

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~max~ | 17:01 Thu 17th Jul 2008 | Home & Garden
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Hi all! I have planted some seeds from a kit I got in It's the first time I've planted anything, and I'm worried about protecting the future plants from my indoor cat....I live in a flat with no garden, and I've used tiny little pots for the seeds, as instructed. It says to place the pots on a windowsill.they are tomatoes, basil, oregano... How do I prevent my cat from destroying them? What can I use as some sort of cover to put over them so she can't get to them? I was thinking of some sort of wire mesh cover, but where can I find something like this? Many thanks!


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you can buy a spray from alot of garden shops that you just spray on your plants and the scent is supposed to keep pets off them. havnt tried it myself but i know people that have
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I suppose I could use that....but I'm more worried about her knocking the pots over at the moment. I was thinking of something like a dome-shaped wire mesh I could put over them?
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Ooooooooooooooooh I know!!!!

My mate left a big bird cage here when he left the flat, I'll use that!!!

Failing that put a few cactus plants around them. That should deter the little blighter Lol
Seriously, had the same problem in the garden. A few strategically placed sticks/bamboo canes planted vertically did the trick nicely
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Cats hate the smell of orange peel put that at the bottom and they will stay away.
Ingenious and looks good too!!!
I planted some 'Cat Grass' for my two monsters to munch on - planted them in a seed tray.

Merlin starting weeing in the tray - delicate girly wees so they weren't too bad.

But then Frankie decided to dig a big hole in the tray.

Merlin ate the soil that was in clumps - after she killed it.

I gave up and put them in a little pot. The grass is about an inch long and Merlin and Frankie have been munching away - which is what the grass is for.
shoot the cat or just keep the plants they are cheaper on the long run
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Here's the basil plants coming through! lol


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Protecting plants from cat???

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