Smell from manhole cover

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northyshoes1 | 17:25 Fri 27th Jun 2008 | Home & Garden
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Have noticed in the warm weather days when we are out in the garden that a smell of drains happens every now and again.

We have a manhole cover in teh garden and I have been told it picks up next doors sewage aswell as our own.

What can be done?

I have taken the cover off and thrown bleach down and have hosed it down etc but it still smells.

How do I get rid please ? is there anything I could buy that would deodourise the smell if I left it in the manhole

Please help


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I had this problem once in my old house, the smell would waft all over the garden...not pleasant when your trying to have a BBQ! It was a blockage somewhere along the your local council and see if they can help
It's definitely a blockage, believe me, get council to see to it.
...........................sounds like a blockage................if, after it's unbunged, you still have the smell..............replace the cover and frame with a sealed, or double sealed type..............the ones that can be used inside the house........ :o)))
This happened to me a couple of years ago. There was a blockage and my dad cleared it with a shovel.
Get it pressure washed out and then camered, yes it is expensive but once it's done it's done, then seal the lid using grease once the lid is down the smell wont get out as the gease seals it and if you do need to lift the lid again the grease will act as a lubricant so the lid will lift easily....

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Smell from manhole cover

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