Argos roller blinds.

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styley | 15:48 Sat 21st Jun 2008 | Home & Garden
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Has anyone ever bought roller blinds from Argos? We got the vertical slat ones before and they are a good enough job even though there was a good hour and a half work in them. Now we are gonna get 2 sets of roller blinds for the kitchen. I am assuming these could be quite difficult to fit, due to the larger material size, so I was just wondering has anyone ever got them from Argos before. I will prob just get a pro in if its gonna be too much bother. Any info appreciated.


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Not bought from Argos but they are pretty much all the same. They usually come with 2 small metal brackets held with either 1 or 2 screws. If the blind is wider than you need then they are easily trimmed with a good pair of scissors.
They really are easy to fit.
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The thing I'm worried about is going wonky when trimming it. Then the whole thing is funked.
I would think that all makes of roller blind were virtually the same in construction. If you do have to trim them to the required width, measure the amount to be trimmed off on the back of the blind - faintly, in pencil - at regular intervals down the side(s). Then with a long ruler, join these markings (again, faintly, in pencil). This will give you a nice straight line to cut to with a sharp pair of large scissors. If you can see the pencil after the trim, remove with either a rubber (eraser) or a chunk of white bread.

If the blind has a distinctive pattern, be wary of only trimming one side - you might end up with an unbalanced pattern.

If the blind is not fabric but say wooden or plastic slats, you may need to trim each end with a sharp stanley knife. Once again, faintly mark your cutting line on the back and remove the pencil markings afterwards. You might also want to lightly sand the edges down after cutting to smooth the surface down.
I have 5 Argos roller blinds in my house and never had a problem with any of them.
If the Roller Blinds need to be cut down this can be quite difficult to get a straight edge and if not straight once cut the result will be clearly visible when hung within a window recess. I would advise you have your Roller Blinds made to measure to fit your window size.

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Argos roller blinds.

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