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stuelwell | 22:04 Sat 31st May 2008 | Home & Garden
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does anyone have any good ideas as how to get rid of HUNDREDS of ants. i recently reslabed our patio and found nest after nest. i purchased some ant powder and some spray that was supposed to keep them away for upto 3 months, well that lasted about 3 weeks. they are driving me crazy. please help
tia stuart


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just looked down the page and got a few tricks will, give em a whirl. i have tried those little black tubs, think i have ninja ants as nothing works:-(
I recently had hundreds of flying ants in the bathroom. It was terryfying, going in there at night, turning the light on and hundreds flying out of a crevice. Ant powder seemed to work well enough.
Dig out the nest and apply boiling water.
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i just spent a lot of money and time reslabbing the area so i am not going to dig out the nest !! thanks anyway
I have used Nippon powder in the past and it seems to work quite well. Nippon have recently brought out a product where the ant ,instead of being killed instantly carries the poison back to the nest where it wipes them all out. But I havn't tried it yet.
I am thinking of hiring out my young cat now.... she loves to hunt and eat ants (I kid you not - ure/Pets/Question574432.html)

(but obviously not if Nippon has been put down !)
There was another question few days ago on the same issue. You may wish to have a look at that. It is on the next page. But this is what I suggested there, have a go and it would work.

Try this and you would never have problem with ants. Depending upon where you live if you can get a hold of ground turmeric (Called Haldi on Indian or Pakistani shops). It is yellow color powder which is used almost in all Asian dishes. Just sprinkle a little bit where you see ants. They will never come back there again.

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