how do i get rid of the smell of dampness/mould

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Princess Sue | 23:16 Tue 20th May 2008 | Home & Garden
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I have discovered a wet patch in my caravan where water has seeped through the window. This is under one of the side beds. When opened up the smell is really horrible. Is there an old wives tale i.e. an onion or something that will absorb the mouldy smell? The problem has been sorted - only the smell remains!


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can you wash over the area with a dilute milton solution?
It will probably take more that one go. That and plenty of airing out should solve it but not quickly
I'd try the milton or similar and then to be doubly-sure, sprinkle some bicarb of soda in the whole area, leave for a day or two, then vacuum up. After that, sponge with a solution of Ibcol (or similar) disinfectant. If the smell persists (and you should at this point ask an independent third party, because when you have this in your head, the smell will never go away), keep trying bicarb/disinfectant until it's clear. The bicarb 'soaks' smells and damp away, so providing the problem is fixed, it shouldn't take too long.
repair the leak it will affect your health the spores you will breath in could lead to asthma i have got it
hair drier

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how do i get rid of the smell of dampness/mould

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