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phylkat | 18:00 Sat 10th May 2008 | Home & Garden
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We're thinking of taking our bath out and relacing it with a large shower cubicle to make things easier for my mother who has problems with the bath, We could have a seat fixed in there for her to sit & shower.
Me or my husband don't really use the bath only to stand & shower, my question is has any of you done this? Do you find it beneficial? How much (roughly) will it cost, & will I be sorry later?



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If you do decide to go ahead with the project, be sure to check and see if this product is available in the U.K. Here in the U.S. a neighbor installed a product similar to this for his mother-in-law and she finds it very useful...

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Thankyou 'Clanad' yes we have similar over here but I don't want one of those in my bathroom although useful (my mothers friend has one) its ugly. I want a large cubicle with glass sliding doors & step-in.

and... 'noknowledge' WHAT are you talking about??

1) no but thought about it
2 -
3) how long is a peice of string? have yu tried your loal council to see if you can get a disabled grant?
4) who knows? you coud always change it back again if you do - do you plan on selling up anytime soon? it might make your house less saleable
I had a spell of joint and mobility problems, so I have experienced the problems with showering.

One thing I think you should consider is stepping out of the shower. I bought a shallow shower tray for the en-suite, but it had to be raised for drainage - and now I have to be careful when stepping down from the shower. Nice wide door gap required just to get your balance when stepping down.

You will probably get the benefit of a dedicated shower, and when you come to sell the pipes are all still there if a bath is to be reinstated.
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No, we're staying put here, I'm not getting any younger either & in the future the shower cubicle idea will do my hubby & I a favour too. I have been on line & looked at some & also have seen them in 'Home-base'.
The step isnt too much of a problem she says she could manage that. Its got to be big enough to hold 2 people, just in case I have to help her in the future.

The point about the council helping is valid, I'll look into that. She does get a disability allowence so maybe there could be some help available.
Thankyou to you all. I'll keep you posted.
As hammersgirl says, steps may be a problem, especially later. There is the alternative of a wet room. Some friends of my parents had one installed a couple of years ago and won't be without it now.

Have a look at one of them on here ow_to_buy/Get_a_luxury_wet_room_146927.html
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Oooooo!! how lovely a wet-room. I would love that but our house is unsuitable & it certainly would push us way way past our budget.
We've been on to the council about a grant, but have to wait 3 months for an asessment.
I think we'll go ahead & with a little help from family & friends we'll do this.
Thankyou for all your comments.


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