Stoves glass oven door smash

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fraggle08 | 17:48 Mon 21st Apr 2008 | Home & Garden
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Last night after we cooked dinner we switched off the oven but left the food inside. About 10 minutes later the glass inner oven door suddenly shattered into hundreds of tiny pieces!! We were very shocked as there was no logical reason for this to happen so we presumed there must be a fault with the glass. it is only 2 years old (came as part of our kitchen).
However when we called the manufacturer Stoves, they said because it was outside its 12 month warranty they had no obligation to do anything for us. This was not the response i expected!
I would think that a 12 month warranty is a bit short for a product that should last 10+yrs? anyone have any ideas on that?
Even if it is outside the warranty period, this sort of thing is surely NOT supposed to happen. Bit dangerous i would have thought. The manufacturer said it could be our own fault as we may have previously cleaned it too harshly & caused an invisible weakness which has just been an accident waiting to happen!! Well I know nothing is indestructable, but a quick spritz and wipe should not cause that to happen. Plus, how rubbish is that for customer service?? not a happy bunny.
Has anyone had this sort of thing happen to you? or had any experience with Stoves' customer service? I just worry now that it could happen again if we get another one. ta


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I'm so sorry to read of what happened to you. I have had a Stoves oven for quite a number of years but, fortunately, I haven't had any problems with it - at least not yet! I don't therefore, have any experience of their Customer Services Dept. but I do know when we bought this oven, it was the most expensive available so I'd be expecting Stoves at least to show some interest.

Would your Insurance Company cover such an event?
Happened to us with an oven fitted as part of a B & Q kitchen.Cannot fault them,they replaced the entire oven very promptly even tho it was 4 years old as they no longer fitted our original model.Don't take no for an answer,you have rights over and above the warranty.Talk to Trading Standards dept of your local council,and keep on at your supplier.
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thanks for your feedback people! I've actually just been on the phone again and they agreed after some polite persuasion to send us a new part. however i am a little worried about its durability now, so will keep a close eye on this one!
When its fitted ensure it is free to expand with heat,and that there are no high spots in the mount that could cause localised stresses.Its these problems that make fracture more likely.
Our Stoves top oven glass door shattered because we had left the grill on (yes, I know, very stupid). However, I read a 'readers' article in a fairly recent edition of Which magazine which sounds the same as your scenario. Sorry I don't know the issue number but if you or a friend are a subscriber you may be able to find it.
The same thing happened to my sister the other night. Her partner had put a pizza in for himself & whilst it was cooking they heard a bang. The inner door glass had shattered. It's a Belling I think & they've had it for just 16 months!! They contacted Curry's where they purchased it from & they said they had to buy a replacement glass & �45. They weren't intrested in the fact it is only 16 months old they just want the �45 to replace it.
Customer service is shocking at the moment no matter where you shop!!
Sounds as though it was not fit for service,did you buy it with a visa card? if the shop doesn,t want to know contact visa for they also have some responsability.
Not after such a long period as two years, they don't.
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thanks everyone for your contributions. unfortunately the visa thing would not an option as we didn't actually purchase the oven ourselves (prev owners of house bought it with new kitchen)
anyway, we received the new part already and it seems to be fine. fits well but we shall certainly keep a very close eye on it. I think perseverance with customer services depts is definetely the key to getting anywhere and don't accept the standard script answers!

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Stoves glass oven door smash

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