Decorative vacuum cleaner covers

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Coldicote | 22:26 Tue 15th Apr 2008 | Home & Garden
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I'm short of storage space and looking for a decorative cover for my upright vacuum cleaner, something like a doll, so it can stand in my spare bedroom. I've seen them in other people's homes from time to time and have spent spent ages looking on the internet but haven't found anything of the kind. Can anyone suggest where I might buy one please? Thanks.


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Thank you EmEd. I rather like the Miss Molly one - it shouldn't be too scary for anyone walking into the room! Actually I've never got into ebay. Don't you have to bid for things? And how is your purchase delivered to you? No doubt the answers are there, so I really must make the effort to understand how it works. Thanks again.
If you're sure try here usehold%20Cleaning/maidvacuumcleane.html

there are some plush bear and rabbit ones on US sites ...
i had the same concern with ebay, i didn't want to get into bidding - i cant trust myself!! thats why the links i've sent you are for 'buy it now' items only, which means it just works like an online shop...its like i read your mind!!

each seller sets their own delivery ts & cs (and payment structures - beware) so have a read through. if (like me) you'd rather not set up an account just to buy one item, ask a friend and just give them the dosh. it's also considered rude not leaving any feedback for 'speedy delivery' or 'item perfect' and the ever popoular 'excellent ebayer a++++' and all that rubbish so maybe its best to ask someone very nicely to do it for you

i always ask MrEd :)

hope you get what you're after! (and sorry if you knew any of that above, i'm going to beddy bos in a bit and didnt want to leave you hanging!)
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Many thanks to both, EmEd and sense4all. I should be able to find something now.... 'though ebay does sound a bit peculiar.
i know what you're saying about ebay, but look at the choice with this seller!! 666
I found this link for you it shows you how to make your own. nerCover.html
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Thanks to all of you who replied. You've given me plenty to work on and, who knows, Philandlil I might even finish up making one!

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Decorative vacuum cleaner covers

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