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wee scottie | 13:13 Wed 06th Feb 2008 | Home & Garden
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Does anyone know where I can get an instruction manual/recipe book for a new Goodmans Cuisine Breadmaker Model GBM625? I have been unsuccessful with Goodmans or Hinari.

From wee scottie


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Sorry Wee Scottie - mine is a Panasonic... I can post recipes for that machine if you like (which should work for your machine too, just tell us its capacity / size ) - just put a Q up over on Food & Drink and us breadmakers will give you loads of help there !
The following is based upon over an hour's web research, so I hope that I've got it right!

Alba don't use the Goodman's brand name for kitchen products within the UK. Instead, they use the 'Breville' badge. The Goodman's GBM625 model, which was sold by Tesco, was almost certainly intended for sales outside of this country.

In the UK, this breadmaker is badged as the Breville BR8 (or, it seems, as the 'Anthony Worrell Thompson by Breville' BR8L).

The Breville UK website doesn't offer any downloads but you could try phoning Customer Services on 0161 621 6900 or using the form, here:

If you contact Breville, I suggest making no reference to the Goodmans name. Simply ask about getting hold of a manual for the Breville BR8 but, before doing so, please check that your breadmaker really is the same as the Breville model and that I'm not (unwittingly) writing absolute b0ll0cks!

BR8 picture here: XL-Breville_BR8_Bread_Maker.html

BR8L here: -br8l-anthony-worrell-thompson-professional-br eadmaker-review/

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Dear Chris, All your efforts haven't been in vain. I did as you suggested and 'phoned the company. They will send me the instruction book and recipe book via e-mail (I presume PDF). The Breville BR8 Breadmaker looks identical to the Goodmans Cuisine GBM.625. You're some fella (I presume you're a fella). I'll let you know how I get on.

wee scottie
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Dear Jugglering, Many thanks for your offer of recipes for the breadmaking machine. I have managed to locate the instruction manual and recipe book for my model. I will certainly get back to you, once I get the hang of it. I hope your enthusiasm is catching. It sounds as though I may be "joining a breadmaker brigade". Thanks once again.

wee scottie
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Dear Chris, Customer Service downloaded a PDF file for the manual and a separate one for recipes within an hour of contacting them. I have now printed these out. Will now avidly read them, buy ingredients and, hopefully, bake a palatable loaf of bread. You have achieved in one day what I failed to do in four weeks. Many thanks.

wee scottie
Thanks for taking the time to reply, Wee Scottie.

I hope that the bread tastes really good ;-)

is your bread maker a second hand one ???? Is that why you have no manual??
Question Author
Dear what..the?,

My breadmaker is new. My sister got it in a Christmas present, didn't use it, waited a year, then gave it to me. When I opened the box, the manual was missing and, by that time, my sister had lost the manual (having taken it out when she first got it, decided she didn't want it, then put it away in a cupboard). Don't worry, I will certainly make good use of it. Thanks for your comments.

wee scottie
Wee Scottie, did you get the recipe book via email? I'm in need of this if there is any chance you could pass on to me

many thanks

Question Author
Hello sherrie, I phoned 0161 621 6900, Customer Services, and said that I had lost the instruction book. They sent it (and a recipe book) via e-mail in PDF form. I printed these out and that was it.

By the way, I was only able to do this because of the generosity of "Buenchico"on 6/2/08 doing all the research for me (see above).

Hope all goes well for you.


wee scottie
Thanks to Buenchico for working out the brand name of this model in the UK, have been searching unsucessfully for the user guide for a while, here is the link on the breville site for anyone else who needs it:
hi take my advice the instruction manual/recipe book is a lot of rubbish my advice is to buy Jenny Shapter "The Ulitmate Bread Machine Cookbook" it is my bible and i use it everyday andit works extremely well with my goodmans GBM 625. IT has wonderful recipes for all sorts of bread buns pizza dough and much much more. i have recommended this book to so many people who have been extremely happy with it.

give it a try. makes the most delicious brioche and hot cross buns etc. stollen pizzas and different kind of rolls and breads
Question Author
Hello Everyone,

Many thanks for all your input but I'd now like to close this line of enquiry.


wee scottie
Just want to say a big thank you for the information on getting the instructions for the Goodmans cuisine.I have just recieved the instructions via email!!! Ruth
Question Author
Dear Any14tea,

Glad for you. Happy bread-baking.


wee scottie
Hi, after months of searching I found the Goodmans GBM625 manual (and some others) here: Media URL:
Description: Goodmans Breadmaker manuals
It's a bit late but I found this.


I'm sure there is a whole load more information than there was in the original manual. Media URL:
Description: Goodmans Cuisine GBM625 manual
Thank you Periproct
Your answer was very useful to me , I looked every where for this manual & recipe no luck , but at last I saw your comment and it was the best.
Thanks a lot I can eat fresh bread now.
Hello, just wondering if anyone has had any problems with this bread maker my bread wont rise anymore and I just end up with a brick of cooked unrisen bread after the cycle, very upset as I don not want to consign it to the bin just yet it was brill.
thanks for reading :)
can I put the breadmaker tin in the oven? My son turned of the machine after 1 hour. It has started to bake but now it is finished. I have put it in the oven at gas mark 8 - following what Delia does with making brad. Please help

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