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lewis&cherie | 10:03 Mon 14th Jan 2008 | Home & Garden
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Does any body know an approx cost for installing an average sized dormer window into my roof? I would be grateful for any help as i havent got a clue?



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have you got building permission and building regulations?
as im not sure you can add this without the above

a velux window should be fine tho.
meant to read 'Cant add it without the above'
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Building permission and building regulations shouldn't be a problem because a couple other houses have had it done. But they had theirs installed when the property was built.
ok depends on what you need doing,

we are about to do the same later on this year, we got building permission and building reg last month,

and have been estimated that the cost will be in the region of 10-15k,

bear in mind most of the finishing bits, i'll be doing so its basically just the floor ,dormer shell and stairs that the builders will be fitting.

hope this helps.

also depends the size of the extension, as a structual engineers report may be needed,

so far we have payed out �1200.00 on plans and fees, prior to the work even starting
If you do really mean a dormer window then perhaps �2k - �5k. If you really mean how much does a loft conversion cost, then perhaps �10k to �30k. It really is a 'how long is a piece of string' question.
The above was written before kuj responded.
you decribed that perfectly, just what i was trying to say, but not in as many words.
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Thats correct buildersmate. I am not planning a loft conversion.

We have brought a brand new three storey house. On the top floor the back of the roof angles down steeper than the roof on the front . Therefore at the back of the first floor they have voided off the area. We just plan to knock though the wall into the voided area and put a dormer window into the roof to create a bit more space for a bedroom.

Thanks for your answer.
You will need to ask the Planners whether a Planning Application is required (unlikely). And this work must confirm to Building Regs or when you come to sell the house some sharp-eyed buyer's solicitor will spot it and ask for an indemnity policy.
If its a small dormer window and no other modifications have been made to the house and grounds yet it would probably be covered by permitted development rights - BUT as it is a new house you will need to check the conditions of the planning permission from when the house was built because quite often they remove permitted development rights for additional windows, therefore a householder planning application would be required for the work. You will definitely need building regulations for installing a new window.

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