I need help with my Cocos plant!!

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taliesin238 | 20:38 Tue 11th Dec 2007 | Home & Garden
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I LOVE my Cocos coconut plant which I have had now for about 6 months. In the summer it absolutely blossomed and so many leaves grew on it at once. Now they are withering away one by one and dying. Is the whole plant going to die or is it just because it is the winter?? I really want to keep this plant as it was bought for me from a special friend and I love it!! Does anybody have any information for me on how to care for these plants?? Ive been told by a couple of people that they dont last long!!


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Hi taliesin, I take it this is the coconut palm (cocos nucifera) that you have there? I've grown several differant palms over the years (indoors and out) but never grown this one. They do look impresive growing out of that large nut but I think it's a plant that you can't expect to keep for too long as a house plant,so I'm afraid I would agree the those people who told you that and it's best to regard it as more of a novelty plant. One that may be easier to grow for a longer time is the dwarf coconut palm (cocos weddeliana) if you can keep up the humid atmosphere it requires.

It could be that you have over-watered it, which is easy to do and can rot the nut if your not careful.
Only repot it if it's absolutely bursting out of the pot as they hat root disturbance, and the only one size bigger.
Ps never water the nut directly. Good luck. Tbird+
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Thank you Thunderbird!! I think ive actually done everything i was not suppose to do to this plant!! Ive repotted it into a huge pot thinking it may need the space, watered the nut. I havent over watered it however, that is one thing im very cautious about!! I do LOVE palms and i am going to look for the ones you have adviced to me!!
Many thanks indeed!!

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I need help with my Cocos plant!!

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