bad sky signal, screen picture all streaky??

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what..the? | 14:04 Mon 10th Dec 2007 | Home & Garden
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Yes the weather has been bad lately and that never helps, but we have had the problem for a couple of mouths now.

The dish is 1 yr old approx we paid for the new dish to be put up at our new rented house, since then about 1-2 month ago the sky broke badly so we received no sky picture/signal at all, we paid for someone to some out and fix it but we knew it probably was the sky box because it was 4 yrs old by this time. Sure enough they replaced the box, and the also said that they would upgrade our dish for us for free as well, by adding a new part to it. These people were a private sky installation people out of the yellow pages that sky sent round to do the work for them.

The signal/picture has remained bad ever since, so we do not know whether they have done a bad job, they have given us a second hand box, they have taken a new part off our new-ish disk and replaced it with a crappy part - conned us, or something else??

All we know is when we change channel there is a large pause between chanels where the screen goes blue (you can see at this point the blue is really waving all over the place, then the screen shows a split second of the previous channel and then shows you the new channel selected. It never used to do this and the wavey-ness of the picture can also be seen in some programmes and ruins the picture quality. Alot of the time in the mornings and evenings when we turn sky on after it has been off for a good few hours, sky is broken and we have to unplug the box and reboot it??

Any thoughts, have the sky people made a mistake or is it a problem with something else??? I know what part they have changed on the dish from the look of it, is there anyway of knowing what an updated model should look like, so I know whether they have actually upgraded us or not???

Thanks in advance


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bad sky signal, screen picture all streaky??

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