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want2findout | 00:48 Sun 02nd Dec 2007 | Home & Garden
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Can anyone give me a rough estimate as to the cost of building a workshop/office in our back garden. We've looked at those scandinavian style log cabins and although these seem quite impressive they can be quite expensive. We're looking at approx 5 x 5 metres and preferably space for a loft (storage).
Thanks in advance!


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Anything from �20k to �40k. It's so dependent on whether you just use cheap blocks or more expensive bricks or other cladding. Another major cost driver would be whether you want water supplied and waste water extracted from there (toilet or washbasin?). Another major cost driver is the quality of subsoil (effort required to construct foundations). Finally flat roofs are cheaper than pitched roofs.
With log cabins you are paying a hefty price for the design and aesthetics (but they look nice).
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Thanks buildersmate! Crickey, I wasn't expecting it to be that much! Maybe the log cabin is the cheapest option afterall. We would need electricity but not water. Thanks for the advice though. Something to bare in mind!
It may well be possible for less. The trouble is, with a very vague spec. certain assumptions had to be made.
Here are some pointers. You said 5x5, I assumed that's internal dimensions, which makes the external floor area (i.e. measured along the outside walls) bigger than 30 square metres. That means you need building regs approval for some bit, irrespective of whether you need PP (you probably don't). I therefore assumed you'd have it properly drawn up.
You can delete say �3k from my figues if no water/foul sewage to remove. I also assumed you's build it to a house-std of finish (because you were comparing to a log cabin). If all you want is a permanent shed it could be done for less.
Try Barrett's online.

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Building a workshop/office

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