How do you get rid of deodrant stains on clothing?

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oceanauk | 23:47 Sat 03rd Nov 2007 | Home & Garden
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I am fed up with my clothes being ruined by the horrible white stains that come from deodrant. No amount of washing gets rid of them and all my clothes are looking horrid. Any ideas please??


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I don't get this problem - I wait at least 10 minutes after applying the deodorant before getting dressed.

Have you thought about using the totally natural deodorant crystals - there is no residue from them, so no staining.

This is a useful site for stain removal: ain%20removal%20DG.htm
dab with white vinegar
use 'sure' crystal deodorant, it doesn't leave any marks.
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I found that a tiny bit of Fairy liquid rubbed into the spot before washing got rid of it
As an experiment, I stopped using deoderants/perspirants a couple of months ago and discovered that they are totally unnecessary. No complaints from wife and clothes look and smell better too!
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thank you for all your responses - will try the crystal deodrant - sounds interesting!

Also may give up the deodrant thing too - have done it before and I do think I'm better without it!!!

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How do you get rid of deodrant stains on clothing?

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