Mixer/Shower Tap - genuine answers please

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FTVS | 09:48 Thu 01st Apr 2004 | Home & Garden
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We have a mixer tap, which also has a pipe coming out of it to the shower. On one side is the volume of water control, on the other the temperature gauge. I understand this may be called a thermostatic shower. The temperture tap is stuck...clogged with limescale maybe? Needs a new washer maybe? Any ideas or advice on how I take this thing apart? Has anyone done it and reassembled with no problems? Or should I call a plumber?


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If its the kin Im thinking of its unlikely to be a thermostat, its just a mixer valve. But I could be wrong. To take it apart the first steop is to isolate both tapss from the feed- so turn off the stopcocks which will probably be under the bath. The feel round the temp control- should be a recessed screw or nut holding the guage on. Remove this, there should be some kind of spindle with a nut on it, unscrewing which gives access to the works.
I have taken these apart then reassembled them with success, but I spend my life doing things like this. (AS a brit scientist we assemble everything from junk a la scrapheap challenge). I suggest a plumber if you are no confident.
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thanks incy - have being looking a bit tonight and the one of got seems to cost �200 in Homebase! ergo plumber it is - but i'll watch and learn. Cheers, F

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Mixer/Shower Tap - genuine answers please

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