Survey didnt pick up problems

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Herc | 14:29 Fri 06th Jul 2007 | Home & Garden
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After only two months of living in our house, we noticed damp problems (coming from the basenment).

The previous owners did have work carried out but not correctly so we need to pay to get it re done.

The company that carried out the work went broke about seven years ago, but surely the damp should have been picked up when we had our survey done?

Do you have any come back with surveys?


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What sort of servey did you have done?
If it was just the basic bank servey to get the mortgage then I wouldn't have thought so.
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We had three options and we went for the middle.

When the ratings for damp we taken it clearly says normal readings, we now have damp coming through the wall!
Only if you can conclusively prove that the surveyor was negligent will you have a claim. What specific instruction did you give the surveyor with regard to basement damp and what information did you provide him with?
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We didn�t give specific areas for him to check as I though by doing his job he would pick up problems. Surely it wouldn�t be down to me to tell them?

Basically three months ago our hall walls had no abnormal readings according to the survey. After an inspection on Friday the gauge couldn�t go any higher! I just don�t believe that happens so quickly...
Unless you specifically pointed to a worry about damp in the basement the surveyor can only take things as they are on the day, and if it is dry it is dry. A damp survey can take days, requires re visits in different weather and sometimes exploratory excavations. However, quite a lot of damp in basements is nothing more than condensation due to bad ventilation. Have you tried playing around with an electric fire and fan?

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Survey didnt pick up problems

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