gravity fed kitchen taps

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Catcat | 21:11 Thu 21st Jun 2007 | Home & Garden
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I am an absolute novice needing sorting regarding taps!

When looking at brochures for choosing a single mixer kitchen tap with spout, and knowing I have a gravity fed system (hot water cylinder on 1st floor and header tank in loft above) how do I ensure I choose the right taps? The brochure mentions min 1 bar and max 5 bar but I dunno if that is suitable for a gravity fed system?

I have had a new kitchen installed and the hot water flow is pathetic with a capital P and the fitters tell me all sorts of porkies ("it's an italian design, they have smaller holes" being one!) but from research I've worked out that they have fitted a tap suitable for a combi system. Idiots!

However, I need to ensure I chose the right sort of taps as the kitchen fitters say they won't change it again if it turns out to have the same sort of flow!



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It is right about the smaller holes. Nearly all mixer taps are fed by 10ml pipe which screws into base of tap. The actual internal bore at its least is about 2/3 mill. You would be better off with separate taps which have a much larger internal bore straight onto 15ml pipework.
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Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately we cannot have separate taps as we have a new sink that caters for just one hole. Since posting, it has transpired that I need mixer tap that's suitable for low pressure system.

Re the issue of the smaller holes, I thought the smaller hole was suitable for combination boiler systems (of which mine isn't). the fitter said it was smaller because it was an Italian design!

An independent plumber I spoke to over the phone said we required a "bi-flow" what ever that means. Do you know?

sorry, not sure, try a "google". all the best

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gravity fed kitchen taps

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