unidentified flowering shrub in the garden

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dorothee | 15:18 Thu 21st Jun 2007 | Home & Garden
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If I describe this plant - can someone, somewhere - please give it a name (it appeared approx. 2 + years ago).

It's a shrub, with dark green - purpilish leaves (not shiney ). It flowers in a drop fashion - the top bit looks like purple hop type flower with further white/cream flowers falling from that.

I do not feed this plant, cut it back or even look after it in any way - but it continues to flourish.

This must be self-seeded as I have lived here for 9years and as mentioned above - this appeared just over 2 years ago.

Any ideas on what it is?


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Hi Dorothee, It's very difficult to say without seeing it but the flowers sound spot on for Leycesteria also known as shrimp plant or pheasant berry.
The leaves though only seem to have a hint of purple, if I can I'll send a picture of one. Regards Tbird+
This is the best photo's I could find, Dorothee.
Give it a click and see what you think, I've noticed the one in my garden does have a slight purple tinge- em=4335
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Fantastic - just been on the web and yes this is it! Thanks so much- been pontificating on this for 2 years so glad to have an answer.

i know it as flowering, or himalayan, nutmeg. the birds love the berries which form on the hanging flowers. they poop the seeds out and another shrub pops up. apparently you should cut it back to about 9 inches above ground each year. we don't and our two continue to thrive.

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unidentified flowering shrub in the garden

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