chipped windows

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True Blue 36 | 22:07 Fri 15th Jun 2007 | Home & Garden
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my neighbour has just had their drive dug up and blocked paved. My front windows have now got little chip's all over them. Not alot i can do, does anyone know if you can get them out or do anything.


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Can you claim on your house insurance for new glass unit , and let the insurer claim from your neighbour?
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i can but i like my neighbours and its not their fault, so i didn't want to cause upset. Just wondered if you could fix chipped glass wih anything, i know they do it on ar windscreens
Well after being very persistant, I did manage to find out that the cost of having a windscreen chip done was around 70 quid a chip. You could type window doctor into either live search or, lots of links all over the country.
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70 quid a chip - i have about 30!!!!!!!!
Best just imagine its snowing or something

Thanks guys
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thanks sense4all, looks like i need to just put up with them. We only had them put in 2 years ago, so to replace them would not be justified.

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chipped windows

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