wasps and wooden garden furniture.

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clematis | 20:50 Thu 07th Jun 2007 | Home & Garden
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I recently read of a product that you can put on wooden garden furniture to deter wasps from scraping the wood for their nests.
Sadly I seem to have lost the information.
Does anyone know of the product?



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Why would you want to stop them? have you ever heard of furniture being damaged by wasps? live and let live!!
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Yes I have they damage my wooden furniture!!!!
They scrape away at the the wood and leave unsightly marks all over it.
You obviously do not have wooden garden furniture!!
The solution just stops them in their tracks!! They have plenty of other wood in my garden to chew.
Not a very sensible answer to my question!!!!!!Was it???
I actually have a lot of wooden furniture and plant flowers and shrubs to attract the bees and wasps!!

I have also been a Pest Controller for 13 years and have been called out for many many thousands of wasp nest problems ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous but never heard of them damaging furniture!!

There has to be a first for everything!!
Well after a little research that backed up what you say I have found the cure!! Treat timbers with a wasp repellent mix of 1part eucalyptus oil, 1 part menthol, 1 part citronella oil in teak oil. Apply sparingly. You do not have to saturate the timbers.

Try it, it should work OK!! let me know if you do!!
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Thankyou Ratter15 for your answers .I have now found out that Barlow Tyrie make the solution Iwas looking for .It is called wasp solution and is sold in 1 litre tins.

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wasps and wooden garden furniture.

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