Ceramic Hob Cleaning Problem

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bookend | 22:59 Wed 23rd May 2007 | Home & Garden
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We've just bought a new electric cooker with a brown ceramic hob.
We've never had one of these before and are experiencing problems keeping it clean.
Although we check the bottom of saucepans to make sure they are clean before putting them on the hob, somehow the hob surface has got marked with rings about the same diameter as the saucepan bottoms. Other marks have appeared here are there which are proving very difficult to remove.
The manufacturer says to use warm water or water with a drop of detergent added and applied with a sponge to keep it clean. This method is innefective and the marks still remain.
Is there something else I could try for this job as its driving me round the twist. Water, Detergent and even Anti-bacterial cleaner are useless. Cif is a no-no as it will scratch the hob. A friend of mine said it's possible to keep to buy a ceramic hob cleaner in supermarkets, but I've never seen it.
What do others use for this purpose? Thanks for your replies


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I have used Cif on my ceramic hob for years and it has done it no harm.
When we bought ours the hob manufacturer supplied a scraper to clean it.
Try Hobright, especially made for the job. Easy to use and gets excellent results.
Sold in most supermarkets. For really stubborn marks use a scourer but make sure it is for non stick items otherwise it will scratch.
Hi, I use "easy-do" ceramic and Hallogen Hob cleaner/conditioner and Power Cleanser-available at Comet's. I believe that Lakeland have a good ceramic cleaner too. Good luck. porth
I use Cif or a brillo pad ..another user on here recommends uses a soapy stainless steel pot scourer .Contrary to popular opinion they don't scratch the surface and you can get all the marks off ..any burnt on bits can be removed with one of those little scraper thingys.Then just rinse it over and polish it up with kitchen roll.
I have had a ceramic hob for a few years and cook for my 5 boys daily. it gets lots of wear and mess on it .
I use a stanley knife blade to chisel it off. Now i have done woodwork for 20 years and there is a correct angle to shaving burnt stuff off. Iy is great, hasn't marked the glass as glass is harder than steel and the steel is at an angle about 30 degrees which slices between the grime and the glass.
I also use gumption or a silica cleaner to polish it up.
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Thank you all very much. It's clear now that Zanussi may be being over cautious regarding what I can use to clean the hob.
The thought of using Cif horrified me at first, but now you've convinced me to give it a try.

Thank you all very much
We have recently bought a new ceramic hob cooker ,it has a black top but i would imagine that the cleaning instructions would be the same.My instructions recomend Cif & I find it works very well with boiled over liquids & sticky stuff (being technical) They recomend waiting for the hob to cool off ,give a squirt of cif then wipe gently until marks disapear,then wipe with a damp clean cloth ,then polish up with a piece of kitchen roll.Works for me.but it's up to you wether you try it .I would hate to spoil your hob.If your cooker maker is against Cif. Best of luck.Let me know how you get on .

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Ceramic Hob Cleaning Problem

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