Door keys - what way round?

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Goofy35 | 00:01 Mon 14th May 2007 | Home & Garden
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When putting a door key in a lock, which way is the 'right way up'? Does it mean the flat side on top or the jagged side on top? Dying to get to the bottom of this ridiculous argument!


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'The wider grip, referred to as the bow, is found at the top of the key to facilitate turning'. - as found in:

Having looked at my door key I would suggest the wider grip facing top means the flat bit should be at the bottom!! It certainly fits into my front door that way!

I love Wilkepedia!!!
The "wider grip" or "bow" on a standard key is symmetrical, so how you deduced the direction the teeth should face from that I cannot fathom.
Flat on the top and the jagged bits facing down!!!
kempie - if you look at a yale key you will see that the part at the top of the key just under the round bit is thicker on one side than the other. That is how I deduced it - I looked at my front door key and hey presto there it was!!

I could be mistaken and therefore so would wikipidia - best get on to the guys there and let them know they are wrong.
emx384 - There is no reason to change the Wikipedia entry. However, you have misunderstood what it means.

The "bow" is the round bit (where Yale would be stamped) i.e. the part of the key you grip to facilitate turning.

The part of the key you are referring to (and from which you made your deduction) is the base of the blade. Nowhere in the Wiki does it mention that any particular orientation of the blade is the 'right way up'.

And what of blades which have teeth on both edges?
Thats nice - a civilised answer, thankyou.

My understanding from looking at the key is that it should be flat side down - although to be honest I dont really care now - the fun sort of went out of trying to answer when i got the miserable and sarcastic reply you aimed at me!
It was not until your more descriptive second post that I could establish you had misidentified which part of the key was the "bow". This misidentification resulted in your first post making no sense to me. My response indicated that I did not understand your reasoning.

My answers are simple statements of fact. If you perceive them as sarcasm it must be based on your propensity for same.
As your fluent sarcasm was obvious I assumed that by communicating in the same way you would be more likely to comprehend what I was saying.

Although actually I just thought you were mean and miserable so replied in a way I knew would be bound to annoy - point proven and best of all I got some fun out of this thread after all!!

Thanks for cheering me up - I am off to chat to the lots of nice, decent folk on here!!
You also perceive annoyance were none exists...
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Much as I really appreciate all your posts(!) I'm STILL really confused - does the flat bit go at the top or bottom then????
i would put the jagged side up.
reason; if there is any ingresse of water through inclement weather (something we don't get in this fine country ) the water will end in the bottom of the assembly not in the delicate 'pins' area of the barrel.

i have just read your question more thoughly, the reply to your q' is; ' the way that operates the lock ' . if the lock is one way up put the key one way,if the lock is the other way - the key goes the other way.

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Door keys - what way round?

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