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stuelwell | 14:34 Sun 13th May 2007 | Home & Garden
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can anyone tell me if i am to convert my garage into living space, and replacing the flat roof to a pitched one . do i need planning permission , thanks


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I think you need permission for change of use and the regs can be a nightmare, I looked into it years ago, I had to put in a new floor with damproof membrane etc and it also needs to be cavity walls, I think the foundations are also looked into.

you will also need to consider the change of the appearance from the front of the house, is that changing with doing away with the garage door etc?

Talk to your local planning office!!
Yes - planning permission and building regs.

It may not be as simple as you think - especially if you need new foundations,. cavity wall, move gas, electric meters and water pipes and drainage.

Good info here: b/en/1115313928769.html
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thankyou both very much
Consider this you will spend a lot of money converting garage to a room but will de value your house considerably by no longer having a garage
That is not true any more,.jg96, especially if there is alternate off road parking such as a driveway.

Many people can't park their cars in their garages - simply because the vehicle is too big.

An additional room will increase the value - especially if there is only one living room and no dining room.

If there is not other off-road parking I agree it should be considered carefully - if the homeowner intends to sell in the near future.

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thankyou for your point jg96, however there is plenty of room on the drive and i dont use the garage for the required reason only to dump all my crap lol. thank you all the same , and thankyou ethel.

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