Do hand held household steam cleaners work??

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Brokey | 14:02 Mon 05th Mar 2007 | Home & Garden
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I've been looking into buying one of those hand held steam cleaners that were advertised everywhere a couple of years ago as the revolutionary way to clean the house, are they any good and do they actually remove dirt and grime from kitchens and bathrooms?

If anyone uses one can they give me some honest feedback and maybe suggest which one to go for.

Thanks in advance


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i have one and it is good on carpets good on windows good at stripping wallpaper good at cleaning gloss paint well worth having
I have just purchased a small hand steam cleaner - hope it works. Have not used it yet !!
i have just got a JML steam genie its brill I'm actually finding things so i can clean them with it, highly addictive.
josh i should get out more
I just bought a floor one from the Robert Dyas website. When I bought it there was a free handheld one with it. I think it totalled �50 and they delivered it within a couple of days, it turns out to be the one they advertise on Sky shopping channels, but I got it cheaper! Mine is really good and the kitchen floor has never been so clean!

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Do hand held household steam cleaners work??

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