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annemarie31 | 22:22 Fri 02nd Mar 2007 | Home & Garden
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I am planning to sell my house in the near future but am worried that the sellers property information form (SPIF) could jeopordise my chances. About a year ago i wrote to my local council to complain about a childrens play area which was developed near to my house. Luckily my worst fears were not realised and the area is more of an assett than a nuisance. However, I believe that the SPIF obliges me to disclose this letter though I think this is very unfair, I would never have written it if I had known it would come back to haunt me! I am hoping to set of for Canada in a few months and cannot sleep for worry that I will not be able to sell. Please somone tell me it is not obligatory or that I can leave it blank - I think it leaves anyone wide open to litigation . Thanks! ANNA X


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hi you do indeed have to declare this to protect yourself and the people who buy your house.

it should not be a worry if the plans came to no fruition.

by declaring this surely eliviates your chances of litigation. it is only fair that you make your buyer aware so that they are not mislead, as i am sure you would wish to be if you decide to return to uk and purchase again.

It is all very big brother, but should protect all of us.


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sellers home information form

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