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Chasingcars | 19:05 Mon 19th Feb 2007 | Home & Garden
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A friend of mine recently bought a house descibed as 'link detached'. There is a garage from each neighbour linking their house to each neighbour
However one of the neighbours has now had an extension build to their house which also joins to the rear of my friends house. Does this mean now mean they are semi-detached? If so, does this mean the house is worth less if its not a link detached?
What is the official difference between a 'link' detached and 'semi detached' property?
Any info would be gretafully received!


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We owned a link detached house. It was called this because the house was detached but the garage was linked. Some agents said our house was detached on their literature. When we built an extension we ensured that there was a gap between the two houses of just 1 foot.
If your friend has his house attached to his neighbours when he did not before it would be classed as semi-detached and would suffer in value.
Are you sure the neighbour's extension bricks actually tie into your friends house bricks - or have they built a completely separate wall a little distance away from your friend's wall?

If the bricks are tied into your friend's wall (which I'm sure your friend would have to agree to first), I would now class it as a semi & is bound to reflect on the future selling price.

If not, I'm sure it would still be classed as a linked detached, although I'd say it would be a bit too close for comfort!

Crossed posts with kwicky - but on the same lines!
P.S. The difference between a semi-detached & a linked-detached house, is that the actual house bricks between semi's are tied in - joined together, wheras link detached houses are usually only joined/attached by garage walls.

Hope that helps.

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