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allotment10 | 21:44 Sat 17th Feb 2007 | Home & Garden
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would like anyones opinions on the pros and cons of laminated flooring, bearing in mind its an old house (with cellar) middle terrace, have carpeting at the moment but am interested in changing over, would like your honest opinions on what you think of laminated flooring please.


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I have laminate flooring in my front room... I'm also in a middle terrace & walk straight into it for the front door. I LOVE it, because it's ideal in that room as it's easy to wipe clean etc, I will say that it does collect a huge amount of dust & i'm not sure I would like it down in say a bedroom for that reason. also it's very cold underfoot so another reason why people may not like it, I have a big fluffy rug in the middle of ours & the room is quite small anyway so I don't walk on it an awful lot. Mines been down about 6 years & it still looks great, for me it was a good buy!
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thanks bj, value your answer, :-)
When I had laminate flooring, I always had the most disgustingly dirty feet - black as the ace of spades!
Also if wearing socks - very slippy
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thanks miss-taken, you made me laugh, just imagined me & hubby coming home from pub and sliding into the kitchen ! :-D
What do you do in the kitchen???????????????
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moomoo, you'd be very surprised especially when we've been to the pub :-D
Laminate flooring is very good on a ground floor but putting in on your first floor can be very noisy.
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thanks for your answer moomoo, i enjoy a laugh as much as the anyone, but i want peoples honest opinions what they think about the question i asked, thanks.
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thank you jocky, value your answer .
We had laminate flooring in the ground floor of our last property in London ..right through ..hall ..dining room and lounge ..not the kitchen though . Oh no !! I am sorry if there are any laminate fans here but it was the biggest mistake ever !
Unless you are a domestic goddess it needs cleaning nearly every day attracts dust ..shows every mark and a big hairy Shaney dog did not help ! Every time he bounded in from the garden I could have cried ! It looks nice but is cold underfoot need rugs to break up the monotony of it and unless you glue them down they roam all over the place...and it's slippery . Never again !
Having said that we now live in an old house with all the original floorboards that are sanded and varnished ..with rugs ..but it looks and feels much warmer than that awful laminate in spite of hairy muddy Shaney...and somehow it never looks dirty and is easy to keep clean and is in character with the house .
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thanks shaney, me & hubby will have to a good think about this now, thanks for everyones answers :-)
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have to *have* a good think!
x lottie.
We have a selection of flooring in our house, laminate in sitting room, dining room and teenage son's bedroom, amtico in hall , kitchen and bathroom, ceramic tiles in loo, carpet in rest.

My fave is the amtico - costs a huge amount but has been down for 8 years and still looks immaculate, a damp mop brings it up a treat.

The laminate is OK - I agree about the dust, the worst thing is we have one carpeted room downstairs which seems to act as a magnet for the dust - as it's cream it's a bit of a disaster!! it is easy to mop over though and I have a selection of cheapo rugs from Ikeas which I use in rotation to change the atmosphere of the rooms

Brilliant for my son's bedroom - slight noise but the insualation you put under it works well. Much better than the beige carpet in his sister's room which is covered in coke/makeup/unspecified stains!
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thanks ali.
Probably too late, but I'd say go for real wood if you can. It's lovely and warm and looks gorgeous.
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thanks malpal, at the moment have the decorators in, all walls are stripped and old carpets have gone out, so am still umming & arring untill all the new paper & decoratings done!

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