What's the average electricity and gas bill?

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Taz70 | 00:40 Sat 10th Feb 2007 | Home & Garden
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We moved house 18 months ago to a similar property (3-bed semi) and the gas and electricity bills we've been getting seem outrageous. In our last house we were paying �60 per month for both gas and electric and that covered it. So, when we moved into the new house, we continued paying the same amount to a different supplier. They didn't come round for meter readings and we didn't ring them with any readings and have built up a huge bill. They let us off some of it and we now owe an extra �200. In the meantime, we've switched to a different supplier again, who we've been with for 3 months and they're saying we should be paying �130 per month.

Does this seem extortionate to anybody? We've got the usual mod cons, and a couple of kids who like to leave all the lights on, but even so. How can our bills have gone up by �70 per month in a period of 18 months? What does anybody else pay? Thanks.


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�70 per month gas and �44 per month electricity both with British Gas for a three bed terraced in London. I hope to get a rebate at the end of the year in March - some hopes!
We pay �203 a month for Gas and Electricity with Npower! and I'm still cold! Well actually we don't use the fires in rooms that have them, just the central heating, I do use the tumble dryer a lot though. I think this has been because of a lot of estimated bills, or our neighbours have plugged into ours. It is an old big house with high ceilings so a lot is absorbed by the walls, or that's my reason for turning up the thermostat.
The amount of energy you use is very dependent on the level of insulation you have - heat costs more than light.
Tell us some of your meter readings if you want better advice.
we had the same prob 3 bed detached powergen were very expensive
we changed to n power which is 90 pound per month and give readings each month to check that this is covering both electric and gas,and so far is ok.
it pays to ring each month so you dont get hit with a huge bill
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Thanks for all the replies. We've tried Southern Electric and Scottish Power, and they both charge what seems excessive dosh. Perhaps I'll have a look on and see if I can find a better deal. Thanks guys.
sems to me that you getting estamated on the previous owners usedge you must get them to read your meater every quarter this or when you get a bill ring them with your own reading

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What's the average electricity and gas bill?

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